Many students of color go to schools where curriculum does not fully embrace their cultures, their histories, or their lived experiences.

This documentary series by award-winning filmmaker Manauvaskar Kublall examines what it would take to establish a positive school culture that respects and honors youth of all races, cultures and abilities and values families and communities as assets and experts to help build the capacity of school staff to engage cultures effectively.

Across nine episodes, we meet parents, teachers, principals and students who share their experiences of racism and bias in public school systems, and why culturally responsive education is an effective strategy to combat those forces.

Each episode on this cinematic journey contributes to a new, enduring narrative. Our shared future must include school cultures and climates where children see themselves reflected and respected in their curriculum—in every class, every grade, every day.


Filmmaker: Manauvaskar Kublall

Manauvaskar is a filmmaker, photographer, and cultural maverick who creates content with a unique visual aesthetic and compelling stories that spark the imagination and speak truth to power. He started Media Sutra as a vehicle to tell stories that support marginalized and underrepresented communities to be seen, heard and activated. By telling the stories of individuals, organizations and movements through film, photography and design, he inspires and impacts lasting change. Manauvaskar loves to create things that amaze people and make them excited to be recognized. He believes in justice and creativity for all.



Richard Gray, Jr. is the Deputy Executive Director at the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools at New York University. Through this collaboration, Richard seeks to investigate how the arts (specifically visual arts, theater, music, spoken word) can be used as a platform to create a narrative about the critical importance of public education in communities as told by new, more powerful narrators—the youth, parents, communities, and educators most impacted by the public education systems. Richard and the Metro Center help pilot collaborative projects between artists and the education justice field, including filmmakers and live performance artists, to create original works to frame and facilitate productive dialogue around public education and community and prompt a collaborative re-examination of public education through the lenses of racial equity.


The Partnership for the Future of Learning

The Partnership for the Future of Learning is a national network dedicated to an affirmative, equitable, evidence-based vision of a racially-just remodeled public education system. This series advances stories that help create a future of learning together, for all of us.