Learn more about culturally responsive education


What we know about culturally responsive education:

  • CRE increases student engagement, participation and curiosity in the classroom.


Resources for educators


Resources for parents

  • I can’t make a teacher love my son
    Zakiya Sankara-Jabar chronicles her journey as her son was deficitized in preschool and how this fueled her work as an education justice advocate


Resources for white folks

  • I, Racist
    John Metta lays out the distance between white folks who can ignore race or racism and folks of color who have no choice but to exist in a racist world.

  • White Fragility
    Robin DiAngelo describes how white folks often struggle to navigate the impact of their own racial identity.

  • The unexamined whiteness of teaching
    Bree Picower explores the ways in which white educators and their life experience impact their understandings of teaching across race in the classroom


Resources for reference


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